Fly over all the traffic.

Stop-and-go traffic and hours-long commutes are a hassle. Why not fly over all that traffic? With FLOAT you will have access to Southern California area General Aviation airports. No TSA and 15-30 minute flights from one side of the city to the other.

Since COVID, FLOAT has paused flight operations. We look forward to continuing service again in the future.

Trapped in your commute?

Cheaper than a time machine.

AAA estimates the average cost of driving for a commuter in Southern California to be $1,224.84 per month. FLOAT operates at comparable prices without all of the inconveniences of driving. With different options for commuter, single flight and weekend travel, flying is both efficient and affordable.

Monthly roundtrip commuter subscriptions currently start at $1,250 per month. The cost of individual flights depends on the airport you depart from, the airport you arrive at, and the distance between them, as well as local fees and charges. You can improve your commute without having to stretch your budget.

Get ready for takeoff with the FLOAT app.