FLOAT Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does a FLOAT subscription cost?

    The cost of the flight is dependent on the airports from which the route will originate and terminate, the distance between the airports, and the local fees and charges for each airport.

  2. What happens to my flight when it rains?

    On good weather days, our pilots will fly VFR which stands for visual flight rules, a set of rules created by the FAA for flight in VMC or visual meterological conditions. During IMC or instrument meterological conditions, our pilots will fly IFR which stands for instrument flight rules. IFR flights may be a little longer than VFR flights (i.e. 25 minutes instead of 15 minutes). But when there’s weather in Southern California, freeway traffic tends to be a lot slower too.

  3. What happens if I miss my flight?

    Unexpected things happen in life, but to be considerate of the rest of the passengers on the flight, each flight must leave on time. The situation might be very similar to if you were to miss your train, you’d be responsible for arranging alternate transportation in that unfortunate situation.